Robotised world

The present will seem magical to people even living in the 1980s.  Smartphones, touchscreens, self-driving cars, electric cars, solar farms, electricity generated by thousands of solar panels. Blue Tooth, Infrared. Factories have less workers because of automated manufacturing. Things move quickly from concept, designing and actual manufacturing of that item. The evolution of CGI will eliminate actors. There is a great deal more things on the way which will increasingly eliminate human involvement.
The only problem with this hyper-efficient environment is the economy. If the economy is doing well, everyone is  employed and making money then people can afford such advancement. The basic necessities of the people food, shelter. clothing and medical support and money to spare so as to be able to buy latest gadgets then it would work.  But such technological advancement takes places which for all practical removes human involvement it is bound to create resentment, hatred and result in unrest and demonstrations.
The advancement of technology cannot be stopped, it will keep on improving, it would be impossible to turn back.  The only thing which will stop this when the people who are enabling this progress stop making money. They will shut down their factories and walk away.
Perhaps the only way humanity will survive that there is a massive social security system, bigger than anything which has existed, heavy taxes on giant corporations, in order to pay everyone for doing absolutely nothing.


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